Blade of the Seraph Cover

Here’s a little preview of the cover for Blade of the Seraph, scheduled to release this May. If you want to read some early chapters, remember to check out my Patreon page.

Cover: Reinbach
Lettering: WAZ Design

2017 Plans

Hello again!I wanted to keep everyone up to date on my project schedule for the new year. Right now I have three major things on tap: 

1) Rebirth, the fifth Spiderverse Novel. I’ve drafted the opening chapter already – it is now available to read for my patrons on Patreon.

2) Blade of the Seraph – a standalone Spiderverse Novella set between Rebellion and Phoenix Rising that’s basically an “origin story” for Aubri “Dreamer” Darke. It will dovetail with certain plot points in Rebirth and hopefully expand the universe a bit.

3) The Wyrmlord’s Chosen (working title): a new series set in the same world as the Godswar Saga but on a different continent. I’ll write up a blurb later once I have more concrete details.

If you’d like to keep tabs on my progress, check out the Patreon page



Retribution Launch

“For too long the Knights of the Last Dawn have stood by and done nothing while the Sovereigns shrouded the world in darkness. That ends today. The time for retribution is at hand.”

High King Zharrs once again rules the north from atop the Crescent Throne, and the newly-empowered Dragon Queen marches her army south in search of vengeance against the Crell. But for Jason and his allies, the war has taken a dark and unexpected turn. Following his climactic battle with Dathiel, Jason has lost the power of the Godsoul, and an unhealable wound festers in its wake. His only hope lies with a mysterious assassin who seems just as willing to kill him as save him.

Meanwhile, Elade and Belek must return to the Citadel to defend their fellow paladins from a deadly, enigmatic sorcerer known only as “the Archon.” But many knights would rather die than accept the aid of a traitor—especially a dark elf—and Highlord Alric’s plot to redeem the Last Dawn may very well lead to its annihilation.

Retribution, the fifth installment in the Godswar Saga, is now available at all major e-book retailers!

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