The Godswar Saga

Looking for some post-holiday epic fantasy? Jade Fantasy has just released the third edition of the ongoing Godswar Saga. The first book is free, or you can just grab both books together for $6.


A thousand years ago, a dying race of Immortals left behind an enduring legacy: the Ascendants, mortal men and women capable of binding hundreds or even thousands of others to their will. Together these “Bound” and their magic form the foundation of nearly every society in the world.

But everything is about to change. A few rare mortals possess the ability to channel magic without an Ascendant bond, and these “Unbound” renegades finally have a leader: a gifted young sorceress bent on freeing those who share her power…no matter the cost.

ASCENDANCY is the first book in the Godswar series, a dark fantasy epic of magic, politics, and war where the heroes come face-to-face with history’s oldest foe: the truth.

The saga continues with AWAKENING, available now, and RECKONING, due out in 2014.

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The Rebellion Has Begun!

The rebellion against the oppressive Convectorate has finally begun. With the aid of powerful psionic technology salvaged from an ancient fleet, Jenavian and Markus have launched a devastating hit-and-run campaign along the fringes of inhabited space. But as they cobble together a patchwork alliance of disaffected aliens and desperate humans, they realize there is more to a successful revolution than wanton destruction. In order to achieve a true lasting peace, they must find a way to turn the Tarreen against their own leaders before the Widow’s deadly web ensnares them all.

The Spiderverse saga continues with REBELLION (155,000 words).


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Rebellion Cover

As always, the art is courtesy of Gilbert Contreras as the lettering/design is from WAZ Design.

The Rebellion begins on Monday, October 21st on all e-platforms!