The Day of Reckoning

“One day, my son will find me. And on that day, we shall finally have our reckoning.”

A shadow falls across Torsia. While the newly-crowned Queen Krystia scrambles to rebuild her country, Crell armies march unfettered across the continent. Meanwhile, Elade Devarath, the exiled Knight of the Last Dawn, struggles to evade her fellow paladins while simultaneously hunting down the Imperium’s deadly and powerful Breakers.

For some, however, this war has become personal. Thrust into yet another battle for the heart and soul of his homeland, Jason Moore and his allies travel halfway across the world in search of his treacherous father. But the divine spark living inside Jason is more than just weapon—it is a beacon. And it has attracted the attention of foes more powerful than anything he could imagine…

Join the dark fantasy series praised for its gripping battles, rich characters, and unapologetic complexity. The Godswar Saga continues with Reckoning (145,000 words).

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Reckoning Cover

The cover for Godswar: Reckoning, due out later this month under the pseudonym Jennifer Vale:

Star Wars News

Near the end of last week, Disney finally announced an official position on the Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU), aka the books, comics, games, and other assorted material outside the movies. Ever since Timothy Zahn first published Heir to the Empire in the early 1990s (which may or may not have been voraciously devoured by a certain 12 year-old boy from Indiana), the EU material has generally been considered “canon” within the greater Star Wars universe—even, as Ned Flanders might say, the stuff that contradicts the other stuff. As of right now, however, Disney has now decided to place all the previous EU material under a banner called “Star Wars Legends.” This material is no longer considered canon, but will remain in print and can serve as an inspiration to new writers.

Unsurprisingly, this has provoked a considerable amount of teeth-gnashing among EU fans, and as someone who has read a lot of Star Wars books I can certainly understand the frustrated reaction. But few could say with a straight face that all (or even most) of the material was actually good, particularly the farther the storylines deviated from the original material. In that sense, the EU has always reminded me of comic books—the more writers you have working on something, the more the universe will get pulled in different directions. Marvel and DC fans have endured ret-cons and reboots forever, of course, and in the Age of the Hollywood Remake, this decision seemed inevitable.

Personally, I think Disney made the correct decision here. By not binding themselves to any previous material, they have opened up many new doors for mystery and creativity while still allowing a new generation of writers to draw upon old content (Zahn himself just posted a very well-thought out response on his Facebook page). It’s a very “thread the needle” approach—they didn’t technically invalidate the entire EU, they basically transformed it into glorified reference material. Some fans will come around to this choice (especially if the new material is good), but others will undoubtedly remain bitter that their favorite stories and characters don’t “count” like they once did.

Still, this is hardly an unbridgeable gap. My personal hope is that Disney and Abrams make an effort to appeal to EU fans, and I expect they will. Both the Marvel movies and the new Star Trek films have generally managed to throw out enough bones to the “hardcore” fans while still appealing to a broader demographic, and I don’t think there’s any reason to believe this trend won’t continue. Something as simple as plucking some basic character names and archetypes from the EU (such as the Solo twins) would be a nice olive branch to the people who have supported the brand for the past few decades. Ideally, Disney will take the best parts from the EU and leave everything else behind. As a wise Jedi Master once said, you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.

Let’s just hope they break the right ones and leave the rest alone.