Absolution: the Asgardian Civil War

Want another chapter to tide you over until Absolution is released? Here you go!

Background: At the end of Reckoning, Jason told Sarina that she needed to travel back home to Asgardia and attempt to convince her cousin, the High King, to officially join the fight against the Crell. How’s that going? Well, probably about as smoothly as you’d imagine…

Absolution ch3


Absolution, Chapter One

About a month ago I promised to post a chapter from Absolution in September and then promptly forgot. Well, better late than never!

The standard disclaimers apply: this hasn’t undergone a final edit or proofing, and everything is subject to change. I also doubt will make any sense if you haven’t read the first three books, so you might as well get started on a first-read or re-read soon!

Absolution Ch1

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