Absolution Launch


The Dragon Queen has risen. While Krystia’s newly-bred army of wyrms bathes Torsia in flame, Jason confronts her about her secret relationship with his twisted father. Meanwhile, Tam and Sarina travel to Asgardia in the hopes of convincing her cousin, the High King, to join in the war against the Crell.

Half a world away, Elade Devarath faces execution for her crimes against her fellow paladins. But as she waits for headman’s axe, she learns the dark truth about the war in the east—and realizes that the final battle between Immortals and the Unbound is about to begin.

Join the dark fantasy epic praised for its gripping battles, rich characters, and unapologetic complexity. The Godswar Saga continues with Absolution (175,000 words).

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Other channels, such as iBooks should receive the book by next week.

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