Blade of the Seraph

Born of a powerful psychic bloodline and genetically engineered to physical perfection, Aubri Darke was humanity’s last, best hope of overthrowing the oppressive Convectorate. Then the Spiders destroyed everyone and everything she ever cared about.

Now she has joined with the Blades of the Seraph, a cult of human supremacists who worship her as the reincarnated avatar of the first true psychic. They believe she is the only one capable of overthrowing the Tarreen and ushering in a rebirth that will vault humanity back atop the galactic throne.

But destiny and prophecy are poor substitutes for revenge. Haunted by the memory of her mother’s murder, Aubri has dedicated her life to a single goal: killing Jenavian Vale.

The Spiderverse expands with BLADE OF THE SERAPH, a standalone novel set between the events of REBELLION and PHOENIX RISING (72,000 words).

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