Characters (Shattered Messiah Trilogy)

Nathan Rook

An Ebaran man in his early thirties, Rook is a veteran of the Third War. He lost his wife, Lurien, during an unprovoked Darenthi attack on the outpost of Turesk five years ago, and afterwards he deserted the service and moved to Haven to start a new life as a simple merchant. He owns many small businesses across the city, but his true passion is information. His network of contacts rivals those of any nation, and he is one of the most influential men in Haven despite the fact that few know his true identity. He has worked behind-the-scenes to expose the most corrupt members of the Assembly of the Six Gods as well as the Darenthi Senate, but he now faces his biggest challenge: discerning the true identity of the Kirshal.

Lorvan “Van” Corbyle

Rook’s friend and confidante since they served together in the Ebaran military, Van is often blunt, sometimes bitter, and always loyal. Like most Ebarans, he is agnostic and cares nothing for the Six Gods or their teachings. Van serves as Rook’s bodyguard and enforcer, a role his skepticism and size compliment well.

Rynne Vorani

A Sunoan minstrel, playwright, and all-around dilettante, Rynne has worked for Rook for nearly two years. Her skills as a krata (a dabbler in magic) and a sharpshooter allow her to handle almost any assignment, and she often poses as a Vakari mercenary or Sylethi huntress to play secondary bodyguard along with Van. She is a devout follower of Shakissa, and her coy frivolity has the unique capacity to both bewitch and befuddle her companions, often at the same time.

Tiel Aranis

A student of an ancient Edehan monastic order called the Kirshane, Tiel has served under Master Jonas Bale for the last several years of his life. He has lived in Haven as a scholar and sage, awaiting the return of the Kirshal just as his order has done for a thousand years. Now, with news of her supposed return, Tiel must find a way to return the mysterious woman to the Kirshane monastery at Jehalai where her identify can be confirmed.

Prince Kastrius Malivar

The Darenthi Empress’s youngest son, Kastrius has always lived in the shadow of his older sister. He has long been infatuated with the legend of Septuria and the Kirshal, and he has commissioned several failed and expensive archeological digs over the years. This obsession, coupled with his fervent support for the hawkish Balorite agenda, has made him a political outcast in his own family. The Empress keeps him locked away in his private tower, but Kastrius has made many powerful allies among the Balorite faithful, and they seek to subvert his mother’s overtures for peace.

Princess Tryss Malivar

Despite being the current heiress to the Darenthi throne, Tryss has never wanted anything to do with politics. She is a gifted mage, perhaps the most powerful in the entire country, but her mother dragged her from the academy at Sandratha to live within the Haven palace and prepare for a life at court. She is arranged to wed Aston Caldwell, the first son of the Ebaran president, as a part of the Unity Day celebration that will ostensibly usher in a new era of peace between the Esharian powers. Tryss is desperate for a way out, and is even considering an alliance with Senator Veltar to get it…

General Andar Bremen

Once revered as a national hero for his efforts during the Third War, Bremen was forced into political exile following his unauthorized assault on Turesk. He has since allied himself with Kastrius, serving as the prince’s personal and often spiritual advisor. The general remains a popular man with the military, and his zealous dedication to the Five True Gods—all but the Goddess Edeh—is legendary.

Senator Kord Veltar

Often considered the most influential Balorite in the Darenthi Senate, Veltar has long been a political opponent of the Empress and her Edehan supporters. He has sought to undermine and delay the peace treaty by any means possible, and he has now allied himself with Prince Kastrius. Together he believes they can remove the Empress from power, but his schemes run far deeper than mere political office.