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The Worlds of C.E. Stalbaum

The Fane Universe

The Shattered Messiah Trilogy and The Chronicles of Eve series take place in a single universe bound by the laws of the Fane, but they are separated by an entire continent and the passing of three centuries. Choose your series below.

The Shattered Messiah Era
The Last Goddess and its sequels are set primarily in Esharia, a Renaissance era fantasy world shaped by powerful magic and divided by a holy war between religious factions.

The Chronicles of Eve Era
Eve of Destruction and its sequels are set in Arkadia, an Industrial Revolution era fantasy world defined by the civil war between the cult-like “Duties” and the anachronistic Magi.

The “Spiderverse”

The Spiderverse Novels, starting with The Spider and the Fly, take place in a futuristic galaxy where humans have gone from the dominant species to a slave race under alien control.


The Godswar Saga takes place in the dark fantasy world of Obsidian where living gods and their mortal servants battle for supremacy.