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Most Esharians revere all of the Six Gods, but each nation tends to have a particular national symbol. Sunoans venerate Shakissa above all others, for example, and the Vakari are proud worshippers of Zandrast. The primary conflict within Darenthi society over the past century has been the religious split between the worshippers of Edeh (Edehans) and those of Abalor (Balorites). All religions are united by the legend of Septuria, however, described below.

The Six Gods of Esharia

Abalor: god of death, freedom
Edeh: goddess of life, keeper of the Fane
Illyria: goddess of academics, innovation, and wisdom
Shakissa: goddess of beauty, mercy, and romance
Venar: god of justice and order
Zandrast: god of strength and war


According to legend, a great celestial city called Septuria once floated in the skies above Toerth. Each of the Six Gods dwelt within its walls, and from here they lorded over all creation. Mortal worshippers who stayed true to their patron ascended to Septuria when they died. Here they were granted immortality at the side of their lord.

A thousand years ago, the city crashed to the ground. The gods, weakened and unable to remain the mortal realm with the magic of Septuria, retreated into the Fane. The Edehans claim it was the forces of Abalor the Destroyer who sabotaged Septuria in an attempt to vault himself to power over the other gods. The Balorites contend that Edeh the Betrayer, driven mad by mortal manipulation of her temple, attempted to destroy her own Fane. Both stories end the same way: the gods fell silent, trapped within the Fane…and Septuria was gone.

The Kirshal

The Edehans (and most other religions) believe that one day they will unearth the only survivor from Septuria. This woman, called the Kirshal, will bear a fragment of Edeh’s soul inside her. Once awakened, she will usher in the Restoration, freeing the gods from their banishment in the Fane and rebuilding the glory of the gods’ fallen city.

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